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The Thrill, Excitement, and Drama
of a Community Quest


When my son was in high school he and his friends put together a short film called “The Dungeon Questor” to compete in a youth film festival. The story was about a young man who was so captivated by a video game that for many months he never left his basement. He was particularly focused on winning an online tournament, spending hours practicing and exercising, all the while missing out on parties and other fun activities with his friends.

Finally, the day of the competition comes. And in only moments, he is eliminated. The boy is crushed. This was his whole world, lost to him. He finally creeps out of the basement and walks out his front door. He stands on the porch, feeling the sunshine on his face for the first time in months. He listens to the birds, and takes in the beauty of nature.

“This is overrated,” he announces as he turns around, goes back in the house and slams the door.

Technology has brought worlds into our homes, worlds that are captivating, engaging and addicting. They are not bad in and of themselves when used in moderation, but sometimes they do distract us from our role in community. When we make it past our front porch and get engaged in a community activity, we discover an experience just as challenging, exciting, and surprising as the online worlds and television dramas that call to our imaginations.

Community has action. You can ride in a group bike event, run in a 5K race for charity, join a rock climbing club or ride in a motorcycle run for a good cause.

Community has drama. You can meet best friends and maybe even your future mate working in community. You can help solve conflicts and encourage the people working with you. You can see a part of life that you didn’t know existed, and open your eyes to different cultures and their challenges.

Community has puzzles. There isn’t much more challenging work than reducing homelessness, improving the environment, or stopping child abuse and neglect. But there are solutions, and finding and implementing them will challenge your mind as well as your soul.

Community has rewards. What you give is always, always brought back to you and then some. These return gifts can show up as partners, friendships, money, answers, a career change – whatever it is you are searching for, community can bring it to you.

There’s a whole world out there and it doesn’t work without you. And you won’t work well without that world. Take a walk outside and give community a chance. It is a quest you won’t regret and can never lose.

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