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Mirror Girl

Perhaps one of the most difficult things about working in community is getting along with others.

We all have at least one person in our life who never fails to agitate and confound us. We try to reason with them, get tough, be understanding, but no matter how hard we try, we get nowhere fast. Sometimes it feels like the only way to deal with them is to get as far away as possible.

Remember that everyone you encounter is a teacher, sent to show you something very important about yourself. This is especially true of difficult people. The very qualities about a person that agitate you are the exact same qualities you need to address within yourself. We resist them because we don’t want to see what they are trying to show us.

Take time to examine you relationship that person and see where you reflect with them. Be painfully honest with yourself, and trust that this relationship reveals important truths for your personal growth. Look at that person as you would look at yourself in a mirror, and then ask “why?”

One of the ways I come to understand these reflections is through poetry. It helps me slow down, ask important questions and step back and view the connections that speak my truth.



If she is me

A reflection of me

Of my unresolved issues

And ego patterns

Why is she so insecure?

Why am I?


If she is me

A creation of me

Standing in the doorway of salvation

Why is she so afraid?

Why am I?


If she is me

Connected to me

As we are all connected to each other

And all a part of God

Why is she preoccupied with earthly things?

Why am I?


If she is me

And can change like me

And can feel peace like me

Matter won’t matter anymore.

She will live in love someday.

So will I.


Every difficult relationship is a call back to love. It is loud and obnoxious call, because it is imperative that we give it our attention. We just need to understand and listen. Bless the difficult people in your life, they hold the key to your greatest gifts.

Photo by ihave3kids, Creative Commons

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