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Boogie Back to Joy

Disco night

It’s so easy to get in a funk, to find yourself in a place of icky thoughts and feelings that don’t serve you.

But for me, one of the best ways out of a funk is to simply get funky.

I was a kid in the seventies, so I can’t exactly claim to be a connoisseur of seventies music. But I am a closet fan of disco, a music fad I rely on to help me boogie my way back to joy.

I say a “closet fan” because disco has gotten a bad rap. Lyrics are typically simple and repetitive, the musical beats, while unmistakably groovy, are not particularly unique, and the dancing that goes with disco – well, let’s just say we’ve come a long way, baby.

But I can count on disco, every single time, to elevate my mood. Here’s why:

It’s fun. For the most part, disco lyrics are about dancin’, lovin’, partyin’ and basically just enjoying the world. It’s best said by Peaches and Herb in the immortal Shake Your Groove Thing – “Funky sounds wall to wall ; We’re bumpin’ booties, havin’ us a ball, y’all” When you hear words like that, you want to feel them too, you crave that joy.

It gets me moving. I am a horrible dancer. But I love to dance, and disco is music made for horrible dancers. Anything goes, and if all else fails, just point your finger in the air like John Travolta. There are no rules, you can just move. And that movement shifts your energy, gets the positive feelings flowing again. It’s also good for your health. You can burn up to 250 calories in half an hour of dancing!

It reminds me of childhood. Disco was a big part of my childhood, when life was simple, fun and there were no worries. My sister and I would sing No More Tears together, her on the Donna Summers part and me on Barbara Streisand. We would roller skate to Kool and the Gang – we had great dance routines for Celebrate and Ladies Night.

The dictionary definition for boogie is to dance, get going, move quickly. When we are in a mood that paralyzes our potential, we have to reach for those things that move us quickly back to a place of joy, appreciation, and optimism. It is only from that place that our circumstances will begin to change.

Maybe disco isn’t your thing – but nevertheless, you must know your way to boogie back to joy. You will survive if you play that funky music, get aboard the love train, and focus on stayin’ alive!

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