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Inspiration that bubbles…

Photo by the|G|, Creative Commons

There’s no doubt that inspiration drives transformation.

An inspired thought or idea from just one inspired person energizes everyone around them, catalyzing positive change.

Inspiration is the critical seed for growing the intellectual, spiritual and economic health of communities. It drives innovation, fuels persistence and ignites passion. It makes us superhuman, capable of bending the laws of time and space. Quite simply, it attracts miracles.

But inspiration is tricky. It doesn’t always appear when we want it to appear. There is no formula for generating inspiration. Organizations and governments desperate to tap into the benefits of it have tried to train, fund, promote and motivate it.

Inspiration comes from with-in and not with-out. But we can surround ourselves with an environment that helps us access the light of inspiration that is always burning inside us, but often difficult to access. This environment is often unique for each person.

I have a wonderful friend and mentor who is a prominent business person in our town, and known for his inspired ideas for improving the quality of life in our community. I have had the fortune of working with him on a number of civic projects that were, for lack of any better word, inspired.

Whenever I get a call from him around 7:00 in the evening, I know what that means. He is in the hot tub, with his whiskey and his cigar, and the ideas are bubbling faster than the hot tub jets. I know to stop what I am doing, get a pen and paper, and record his creative ramblings. There’s always a jewel in there somewhere. From his hot tub he has gotten ideas that have built roads, started an annual community parade, revived community arts programs, and inspired dozens of community projects.

How do you tune into inspiration? My best thoughts come when I am alone in the quiet of the morning, with my books and a candle. Or they come when I am brainstorming with inspired friends on a hike through the beautiful West Virginia mountains.

The next time you feel inspired, look around and see what helped put you in that place. You will want to go back again and again. And what you find there will be a gift for the world.

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