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Follow Your True Moon

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The beach always has messages for me. These messages come through the people, in the wind, the crashing of the waves and the nature that surrounds. The beach always brings me an important lesson for my life.

Last month I came out to the ocean early for the sunrise and a large moth came and landed on my hand. She sat there for a long while, and I didn’t rush to shoo her away, happy for the company in my solitude. As the sun came up over the beach and the seagulls began gathering, I wondered why she was staying so close, when she could easily become bird food.

I tried to encourage her to fly away, but she came back – to my arm, my lap, and my husband’s back. This was so odd. She had a message, I began to believe – but what was it?

I have been covered with butterflies on the beach before, and have learned that butterflies are a sign of renewal. Was a moth the same?

I quickly googled moth symbolism on my cell phone. And what I learned is surprising.

Ever wonder why moths fly into the flame of a bright electric light only to be burned to death by the heat? Because they think it is the moon.

Moths are genetically programmed to follow the light of the moon in the evening. That is their natural path, their destiny. But the bright streetlights, signs, and lamplights that shine through the dark are often brighter than the moon. Moths become convinced this is the light they should follow. And they circle electric light until it burns them to death.

This story made me think of my own life, and the times I have been pulled away from my destiny by “false moons” – things that seem brighter, easier, faster, simpler. But in actuality they are a distraction from what I am meant to do.

It’s not only individuals who follow false moons, groups working together for a purpose do as well. They forget about their goals to chase funding, overanalyze a process, or try to become what they think they are expected to be. Chasing these false moons results in lost opportunity, wasted energy, and damaged relationships.

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We must always be aware whether or not we are following the true moon. We do this by remembering our goals, making sure we are working together well, and listening to our intuition. Our egos love the false moons. Their promise is so convincing. But deep down we know if we are on the right path. We feel the joy, the electric connection and synergy of that experience. It only takes a simple choice to get back on course, moving toward our true moon.

Our souls are designed to reach for the sky. Spread your wings and fly home.

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