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A time to speak…

Typewriter keys

I was only six when I knew I wanted to be a writer. I knew because all I wanted to do was write, and plunk away on the clunky circular keys of a secondhand 1940’s Royal typewriter until I was forced to go to bed by my parents. And even then, I would write under the covers with a flashlight.

I have never stopped writing. But for the last 30 years of a career in television, PR and media I have been a behind-the-scenes writer and marketer, helping nonprofit organizations and political leaders shape their words into speeches, public service announcements, brochures and policy reports.

I have been blessed to help good people with honorable motives convey messages that make a difference. They have given me the opportunity to learn valuable lessons about communities, families, leadership and change.

The secrets of social change seem unpredictable. I have watched well funded programs fail and programs without money reap miraculous results. I have seen powerful people hit brick walls and unlikely small town heroes move mountains. All of the things we think should logically create change – money, power, research, politics, people – are not the key. In fact, they often take us backward.

Creating positive change isn’t as complicated as most people might think. There are simple, spiritual principles that guide transformation and these ideas have been around for thousands of years. These principles are rarely talked about because they can’t be framed within our competitive culture.

I feel so strongly about these principles, I am want to come out from under the covers and write about them. I want to write because the world is evolving rapidly and the time for this discussion is now. I want to write to engage other change makers, learn their lessons and share their inspiration. I want to write not just to change the world, but to change myself.

This blog is a place to talk about transformation that is rooted in love. Please join me in the conversation!

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