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Finding the Election Connection
How to Keep Your Friends and Family through Election Day

We the People“Wow, isn’t this the most intellectually invigorating presidential election?? I am so inspired by all of the tremendous ideas the candidates have for making the world a better place. I love how my friends and family are engaged and respecting each other’s opinions as we all work together for the common good.”

Said no one this election season – ever!

Why this election is different than any other is a subject we could debate all day.

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49 Steps to Unity

Pulse MemorialTo honor the 49 beautiful souls who lost their lives at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, we each need to take the responsibility to change the way we think, feel, and act. At the root, we change things with acts of community, and love. Actions can be simple and still very powerful.

Here are 49 easy, fun, free steps we can each take to reflect, connect, change perspectives and build a world of unity.

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Sharing Your Gifts While Serving on a Nonprofit Board

Nonprofit groupCongratulations and welcome to your nonprofit board.

You were selected to be a board member because you are possessed with gifts and talents like no other – and you can make a considerable difference in the impact that your nonprofit organization will make on your community.

You may be wondering about your role. Will you need to show up at board meetings regularly or once in awhile? Will you be expected to raise money? Will there be “homework”? What else will you be asked to do, and will you have the time to do it?

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What if happiness is right outside your front door?

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