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New Year's partyHow to Supercharge
Your New Year’s Resolutions

I’m looking over my New Year’s Resolutions list and it looks remarkably like the same list I made last year. And the year before that. And the year before that!

Sure, I’ve been able to mark a few things off, but there are some really important resolutions that still remain. What is the difference between the resolutions that succeeded and the ones that failed?

In every case, my repeat resolutions are ones I have tried to conquer alone.

They are the resolutions that I have been determined to do myself, either because I had something to prove or because I was too proud to admit I needed help in a particular area.
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Nelson MandelaNelson Mandela on Community and Change

This week, we have all remembered Nelson Mandela by sharing his inspirational quotes with each other through social media. Many of these quotes are short and simple, but contain powerful truths. He spoke of the wonderful things he believed we could achieve – freedom, equality, justice, prosperity – and how he believed we could achieve it – cooperation, collaboration, self development, love.

Nelson Mandela was a believer in the power of community – and the amazing gifts it has to offer each and every one of us.

I put together a quote “mashup” tribute if you will, of what Nelson Mandela had to say about community and change. The words in italics are his, the rest are mine.
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Finding Your Voice – Some Baby Steps

Cami video

My granddaughter Cambria is almost six months old. She is at the developmental stage where she is discovering herself. One week her fascination is about her feet, and she pounds them constantly. The next week she discovers her tongue and she sticks it out non-stop, wagging it around.
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